Episode 104: Online Youth Civic Engagement with Ellen Middaugh

In this episode, Dan and Michael chat with Ellen Middaugh, Ph.D. about her work on digital media and youth civic engagement. Specifically, we are discussing her recently published article with Chris Evans “Did You Know?!…Cultivating Online Public Voice in Youth” from Theory & Research in Social Education!

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Episode 104

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Middaugh, E. Evans, C. (2018). Did You Know?!… Cultivating Online Public Voice in YouthTheory & Research in Social Education, 46(4), 574-602.
  2. Check out the National Writing Project.
  3. The Social Media Enlightenment project that Dan and Michael mentioned was  discussed on our very first episode! It write up can be found on the link below.
    1. Krutka, D. G. & Milton, M. K. (2013). The Enlightenment meets Twitter: Using social media in the social studies classroomOhio Social Studies Review, 50(2), 22-29.
  4. Here is an explanation of the CRAAP test.
  5. Check out Youth Voices and Paul Allison’s Teachers Teaching Teachers video series (a platform of which Ellen spoke).

Note: When trying to segue the conversation, in an effort to be ‘hip’ Michael called Northern California ‘North Cal.’ This was a mistake.

Ellen Middaugh, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Development in the Lurie College of Education at San José State University. Her research focuses on the influence of varied social contexts on youth civic identity development and on the implications of digital media for positive youth development. You can find her sharing her work on Twitter and make sure to check out her website at San José State!

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