Visions of Education is an education podcast where education professor Dan Krutka and high school teacher Michael Milton have conversations with educators to discuss their big ideas in education.


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Dan Krutka is an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at Texas Woman’s University. In simpler terms, he has the privilege of teaching the next generation of teachers. He has been in higher education since 2011 after teaching high school social studies in Oklahoma City for six years. Dan’s writing and research (which can be found on academia.edu, ResearchGate, & Google Scholar) largely concern social media and social studies education as he seeks to better understand how online spaces can offer democratic learning opportunities. He also hopes to someday have a second career as a ball boy for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is on Twitter @dankrutka.


Michael K. Milton teaches high school social studies in Massachusetts. In the classroom, he strives to make learning relevant and to further develop his students’ critical thinking skills. He serves on the Content Committee at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute creating opportunities for students to experience the US Senate. He co-moderates an online social studies community #sschat. He blogs semi-regularly on michaelkmilton.com. His lessons have been published in the Ohio Social Studies Review and highlighted in NCSS’s Social Education and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. One day he would like to travel around the world in a hot air balloon. He can be contacted at michaelmilton42@gmail.com or on twitter @42ThinkDeep.


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