Episode 73: A Social Studies Review of 2017 with Nate Bowling & Wayne Journell

In episode 73, Dan and Michael chat with 2016 Washington Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling and TRSE editor Wayne Journell .

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Listen to previous episodes with Nate and Wayne:
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    2. Episode 32: A Reflection on the 2016 Presidential Election with Nate Bowling & Chris Hitchcock
    3. Episode 26: School Equity & Resources with Nate Bowling
    4. Episode 8: Teacher Political Disclosure with Wayne Journell
  2. You can find more about Nate’s work on his site at http://www.natebowling.com/; And you can listen to Nate’s podcast, Nerd Farmer access Nate’s Nerd Farmer podcast on his website (http://www.natebowling.com/podcast/) and other podcast providers.
  3. You can find Wayne Journell’s books on Amazon (author page), including his newest one, Teaching Politics in Secondary Education: Engaging With Contentious Issues and also Teaching Social Studies in an Era of Divisiveness: The Challenges of Discussing Social Issues in a Non-Partisan Way. Buy them, read them, and be a better social studies educator!


Nate Bowling currently teaches AP Government and Human Geography at Lincoln High in the Tacoma School District in Washington state. You can contact him on Twitter at @Nate_Bowling.

Wayne Journell is an education professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. You can contact Wayne on Twitter @UNCGSocStudies or check out his website where you are steps away to reading more of his work.


Episode 72: Compelling Questions with Rebecca Mueller

In episode 72, Dan and Michael ask lots of compelling questions to Rebecca Mueller about her work on using compelling questions in the classroom.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Mueller, R. G. W. (2017). Calibrating your “compelling compass”: Teacher-constructed prompts to assist question development. Social Education, 81(6), 343-345.
  2. Mueller, R. G. W. (in press). Examining teachers’ development and implementation of compelling questions. Social Studies Research and Practice, 13(1).

  3. Mueller, R. G. W. (2017). From potential to practice: Compelling questions as an impetus for curricular and instructional change. Journal of Social Studies Research. doi:10.1016/j.jssr.2017.08.003i

  4. Mueller, R. G. W. (2016). Making them fit: Examining teacher support for student questioning. Social Studies Research and Practice, 11(1), 40-55.

  5. And don’t forget to check out the C3 Teachers site and Episode 10: C3 Frameworks for Social Studies with Kathy Swan!


Rebecca Mueller is Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education at University of South Carolina Upstate. Her research focuses on social studies teachers’ use of inquiry and questioning. You can contact her at rmuelle2@uscupstate.edu or @rgw_mueller on Twitter, which might encourage her to actually use her Twitter account.