Episode 34: Teacher Activism with Shawn Sheehan

In episode 34, Dan and Michael talk with 2016 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year about teacher activism, including his non-profit Teach Like Me and his run for the state Senate.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Visit Teach Like Me at TeachLikeMe.org
  2. You can learn more about Shawn’s work at ShawnSheehan.com and make sure to read Shawn’s post-election blog post, “Lessons From a Teacher Who Ran For Office.”
  3. To learn more about teacher’s frustration in Oklahoma, the “teacher’s caucus” of 31 Oklahoma teachers who ran for legislative seats, and the election results where 7 of 31 teachers won their elections, read these stories from episode 29 guest, education reporter Ben Felder.


Shawn Sheehan is a special education math teacher at Norman High School. You can contact him on his website or tweet at him @SPSheehan on Twitter.


Episode 29: Education Reporting with Ben Felder

In episode 29, Michael and Dan discuss the importance of multiple perspectives (including teacher voice) in education journalism with guest Ben Felder, a reporter for The Oklahoman.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Ben works for The Oklahoman, a daily newspaper covering the greater Oklahoman City area!
  2. Here’s is Ben’s fantastic article we discuss in the episode: Letter grades highlight income gap in Oklahoma school performance by Ben Felder, May 17th, 2016
  3. Ben Felder’s page on The Oklahoman website – to check out his work!
  4. Episode 26: School Equity with Nate Bowling
  5. Here’s the study on how Oklahoma social studies teachers address accountability-reform cultures:  Houser, N. O., Krutka, D. G., Roberts, R. D., Pennington, K., & Coerver, N. A. (in press). Navigating the reform-accountability culture in Oklahoma social studies. Theory and Research in Social Education.
  6. You can learn more about the Education Writer’s Association on their site: http://www.ewa.org/about-ewa
  7. You can even listen to sessions about Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) from the Education Writer’s Association sessions: http://www.ewa.org/agenda/abcs-essa-agenda ; Here’s more from the Department of Education on ESSA: http://www.ed.gov/essa?src=rn; And here’s a video from EdWeek that explains ESSA:
  1. Episode 17: Teacher PLN’s with Torrey Trust, Jeff Carpenter, and Dan Krutka


With a masters in new media journalism, Ben Felder (@BenFelder_okc) is an investigative reporter for the Oklahoman and often covers education! Check out some of his work on his page on The Oklahoman website!

Episode 16: Mentoring for retention with Destiny Warrior

In episode 16, Dan and Michael talk with Destiny Warrior about mentoring for retention in schools.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Richard Ingersoll has done a lot of research on teacher retention, including the following articles: Ingersoll, R. M., & Smith, T. M. (2003). The wrong solution to the teacher shortage. Educational leadership, 60(8), 30-33; Also, here is a 2014 article Destiny recommends from Dian Schaffhauser “The Problem Isn’t Teacher Recruiting; It’s Retention.”
  2. If you’d like to watch some teacher movies, we mentioned Dead Poet’s Society (inspiring, but Mr. Keating doesn’t do much actual teaching), Dangerous Minds (classroom management = black jacket and karate!), and Chalk (two thumbs up from Michael!)
  3. Destiny recommended this interview with Coach K, basketball coach at Duke University, by Richard Hackman when considering how to connect with your star teachers: Sitkin, S. B., & Hackman, J. R. (2011). Developing team leadership: An interview with coach Mike Krzyzewski. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 10(3), 494-501.


Destiny Warrior is a classroom teacher in Mid-Del schools and an adjunct instructor at the University of Oklahoma. She can be contacted via email  – dwarrior@mid-del.net – or you can tweet her @destinylwarrior.

Episode 4: Inside/Outside Sharing in Education with Wes Fryer

In episode 4, Dan and Michael interview digital learning guru, and the Director of Technology at Casady School in Oklahoma City, Wes Fryer about inside/outside sharing in education.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

Wes’ Show With Media website

Digital Sharing Conference Website

Inside and Outside Sharing web page by Wes and Shelly

Shelly Fryer’s class site

Wes’ podcast The EdTech Situation Room website and Twitter feed @edtechsr

Teaching Naked article by Jose Bowen

Here Comes Everybody (by Clay Shirky) book summary

Dean Shareski’s Twitter feed

Sharing The Moral Imperative presentation 


Contact Wes Fryer on Twitter @wfryer or via wesfryer.com/contact and check out his blog at speedofcreativity.org and his website at playingwithmedia.com. Or just google him. He’s got more content online than Mark Zuckerberg!

Episode 3: Visioning in Education with Kim Pennington

In episode 3, Dan and Michael interview University of Central Oklahoma education professor Kim Pennington about “visioning” in education.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Pennington, K. (2014). Creating a visionary commons for global educationThe Ohio Social Studies Review, 51(1), 3-6.
  2. Learn more about Visioning at Donella Meadows site: http://donellameadows.org/ And here is an example of her work: http://donellameadows.org/archives/what-would-the-world-be-if-there-were-no-hunger/


Kim Pennington is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Sciences, Foundations and Research at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). You can find her on Twitter @pimkennington (if she checks it!) and via kpennington8@uco.edu.