Episode 115: Talking Career Decisions from Urban Schools to Abroad with Nate Bowling

In a free-wheeling discussion with Nate Bowling (which, to be honest, happens when this crew gets together), we explore his decision to leave his school and move to teach in an international school in Abu Dhabi. Nate also discusses what he sees as a way to retain teachers by bringing them into leadership roles (and keeping them in the classroom).

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Episode 115 with Nate Bowling

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Episode 114: Unpacking Fake News with Wayne Journell

In episode 114, Dan and Michael talk with Wayne Journell about his new edited book, Unpacking Fake News: An Educator’s Guide to Navigating the Media with Students.

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Episode 114- Unpacking Fake News

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Unpacking Fake News An Educator’s Guide to Navigating the Media with Students edited by Wayne Journell
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Wayne Journell is an education professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. You can contact Wayne on Twitter @UNCGSocStudies or check out his website where you are steps away to reading more of his work. Or you can just sit back and read a Theory & Research in Social Education article and contemplate on Wayne’s mad editing skills.