Episode 115: Talking Career Decisions from Urban Schools to Abroad with Nate Bowling

In a free-wheeling discussion with Nate Bowling (which, to be honest, happens when this crew gets together), we explore his decision to leave his school and move to teach in an international school in Abu Dhabi. Nate also discusses what he sees as a way to retain teachers by bringing them into leadership roles (and keeping them in the classroom).

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Episode 115 with Nate Bowling

Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Check out this article from The News Tribune about his decision to leave by Matt Driscoll, “Two of Tacoma’s top educators are leaving. The reasons why should serve as a warning.
  2. Check out our past episodes with Nate!
    1. Episode 73: A Social Studies Review of 2017 with Nate Bowling & Wayne Journell
    2. Episode 32: A Reflection on the 2016 Presidential Election with Nate Bowling & Chris Hitchcock
    3. Episode 26: School Equity & Resources with Nate Bowling
  3. Check out our episode on teacher retention with Destiny Warrior
    1. Episode 16: Mentoring for retention with Destiny Warrior
  4. You can find more about Nate’s work on his site: http://www.natebowling.com/
    1. And check out his podcast – Nerd Farmer


Nate Bowling currently teaches AP Government and Human Geography at Lincoln High in the Tacoma School District in Washington state. You can contact him on Twitter at @Nate_Bowling.

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