Episode 33: Teaching In Virtual Environments with Chris Hitchcock

In episode 33, Dan and Michael chat with Chris Hitchcock about teaching in virtual environments!

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Episode 30: Virtual Communities and Co-learning with Howard Rheingold
    1. Chris mentioned that she learned much from our discussion with Howard Rheingold. In fact, it was this episode that inspired us to get a classroom teacher
  2. Episode 13: Creating Authentic Media with hosts Dan and Michael
    1. Dan referenced this episode to discuss how he teaches in his online course.
  3. The SAMR model
    1. Dan referenced the SAMR model which was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. The link about if a video of Dr. Puentedura discussing the model!
  4. What is TPACK? 
    1. I found this journal article entitled ‘What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? As the article title amused me, I thought that this would be the article that I would share.
  5. Dan and his students created something neat about the importance of learning people’s names! Check it out.
  6. Check out the podcast that Chris is a part of – Talking Social Studies!


Chris Hitchcock teaches world history at an online school. She is also a co-moderator of #sschat, a social studies focused Twitter group. And she was also recently awarded with the Jacobs Educator Award for her contributions to integrating technology with classroom learning. She will probably blush because we put this here. You can contact her via Twitter at @CHitch94.

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