Episode 30: Virtual Communities and Co-learning with Howard Rheingold

In episode 30, Dan and Michael talk Virtual Communities, co-learning, and more with the great Howard Rheingold.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. You can find a cornucopia of Howard Rheingold resources and work on his website, Rheingold.com, including his books:
    1. The Virtual Community (1993)
    2. Smart Mobs (2002)
    3. Net Smart (2012)
  2. Howard mentiond educational theorists John Dewey, Paulo Freire, Maria Montessori who advocated for student empowerment.
  3. Howard also mentions John Taylor Gatto and Ivan Illich as theorists who have critiqued how students learn to do school.
  4. The Digital Media and Learning Research Hub hosts a website and a conference annually to “advance research in the service of a more equitable, participatory, and effective ecosystem of learning keyed to the digital and networked era.”
  5. This short article previews key ideas from Howard’s book Net Smart: Rheingold, H. (2010). Attention, and Other 21st-Century Social Media Literacies. Educause Review, 45(5), 14-24. The five social media literacies Howard discusses in the article and book are:
    1. Attention
    2. Participation
    3. Collaboration
    4. Network Awareness
    5. Critical Consumption or Crap Detection
  6. Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr in The Atlantic (2008)
  7. Twitter Literacy (I refuse to make up a Twittery name for it)” by Howard Rheingold in SFGate.com (05.11.09)


According to his Wikipedia page, Howard Rheingold is a critic, writer, and teacher; his specialties are on the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication media such as the Internet, mobile telephony and virtual communities (a term he is credited with inventing).You can tweet @hrheingold, follow him on Facebook, and find all his work and books on Rheingold.com.

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