Episode 17: Teacher PLNs with Torrey Trust, Jeff Carpenter, & Dan Krutka

In episode 17, Michael talks with Torrey Trust, Jeff Carpenter, and Dan Krutka about teacher Professional Learning Networks (PLNs).

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Most importantly, here’s Torrey’s blog post, How Surfing Prepared Me for Graduate School. Look for Okie Dan Krutka’s upcoming post about how the wave pool at Big Splash prepared him for teaching.
  2. You can find the research study that is the focus of our discussion:
    Trust, T., Krutka, D. G., & Carpenter, J. P. (2016). “Together we are better”: Professional learning networks for whole teachers. Computers & Education, 102(1), 15-34. (Open access until August 29th, 2016!)
  3. The 3-part framework we discuss is currently part of an article titled, “Enriching Professional Learning Networks: A Framework for Identification, Reflection, and Intention.” The framework encourages educators to consider to what degree the people, spaces, and tools (e.g., resources, skills, ideas, teaching strategies) benefit them and their students. This manuscript is currently under review, but we will share it once we are able to.
  4. You can find Torrey’s research on PLNs on her ResearchGate profile.
  5. You can find Jeff’s research on on his ResearchGate profile.
  6. You can find Dan’s research on his page at ResearchGate (requires log-in), Academia.edu, or Google Scholar.
  7. Some of the platforms and events you can use to grow your PLN include:
    1. Twitter (Jeff and Dan’s research) and Twitter chats (primer)
    2. Voxer
    3. Google+ Communities
    4. Edmodo Subject Communities
    5. Pinterest
    6. Edcamp unconferences (see Jeff’s ResearchGate profile for edcamp research)
    7. And more!
  8. We will continually add links to our research and much more at ProfessionalLearningNetworks.com.


Torrey Trust is an assistant professor of learning technology in the teacher education and curriculum studies department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Be a part of Torrey’s PLN by tweeting her @torreytrust.

Jeff Carpenter is an associate professor of education and the director of teaching fellows program Elon University. You can be a learn more about his teaching fellow program by visiting elon.edu/teachingfellows. You can tweet at him @doccarpenter.

Dan Krutka is on, like, every episode. You know where to find him. 😉

Episode 16: Mentoring for retention with Destiny Warrior

In episode 16, Dan and Michael talk with Destiny Warrior about mentoring for retention in schools.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Richard Ingersoll has done a lot of research on teacher retention, including the following articles: Ingersoll, R. M., & Smith, T. M. (2003). The wrong solution to the teacher shortage. Educational leadership, 60(8), 30-33; Also, here is a 2014 article Destiny recommends from Dian Schaffhauser “The Problem Isn’t Teacher Recruiting; It’s Retention.”
  2. If you’d like to watch some teacher movies, we mentioned Dead Poet’s Society (inspiring, but Mr. Keating doesn’t do much actual teaching), Dangerous Minds (classroom management = black jacket and karate!), and Chalk (two thumbs up from Michael!)
  3. Destiny recommended this interview with Coach K, basketball coach at Duke University, by Richard Hackman when considering how to connect with your star teachers: Sitkin, S. B., & Hackman, J. R. (2011). Developing team leadership: An interview with coach Mike Krzyzewski. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 10(3), 494-501.


Destiny Warrior is a classroom teacher in Mid-Del schools and an adjunct instructor at the University of Oklahoma. She can be contacted via email  – dwarrior@mid-del.net – or you can tweet her @destinylwarrior.