Episode 4: Inside/Outside Sharing in Education with Wes Fryer

In episode 4, Dan and Michael interview digital learning guru, and the Director of Technology at Casady School in Oklahoma City, Wes Fryer about inside/outside sharing in education.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

Wes’ Show With Media website

Digital Sharing Conference Website

Inside and Outside Sharing web page by Wes and Shelly

Shelly Fryer’s class site

Wes’ podcast The EdTech Situation Room website and Twitter feed @edtechsr

Teaching Naked article by Jose Bowen

Here Comes Everybody (by Clay Shirky) book summary

Dean Shareski’s Twitter feed

Sharing The Moral Imperative presentation 


Contact Wes Fryer on Twitter @wfryer or via wesfryer.com/contact and check out his blog at speedofcreativity.org and his website at playingwithmedia.com. Or just google him. He’s got more content online than Mark Zuckerberg!

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