Episode 189: The false dichotomy between Historical inquiry and Criticality with Maribel Santiago & Tadashi Dozono

In episode 189, Dan and Michael chat with friend of the pod Maribel Santiago and new guest Tadashi Dozono about their study published in Theory & Research in Social Education, “History is critical: Addressing the false dichotomy between historical inquiry and criticality.”


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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

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  2. Episode 55: Teaching Mexican-American Histories with Maribel Santiago
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  4. Episode 154: Black Historical Consciousness with LaGarrett King
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  9. Episode 93: Ona Judge, George Washington, & the Histories of African American Women with Erica Armstrong Dunbar


Dr. Maribel Santiago is an Assistant Professor of Justice and Teacher Education at the University of Washington.  She is also an affiliated faculty member in the department of American Ethnic Studies. Dr. Santiago specializes in the teaching and learning of race/ethnicity in K–12 history. Her work centers on the production and consumption of Latinx social studies: what students, policymakers, and educators learn about Latinx communities, and how they conceptualize Latinx experiences.

Dr. Tadashi Dozono is an Assistant Professor of History/Social Science Education at California State University Channel Islands. Grounded in his experiences teaching social studies in New York City public schools, Tadashi centers the theorizing that BIPOC and LGBTQ students engage daily resulting from their marginalization. His research applies cultural studies, ethnic studies, queer theory, and critical theory to center the experiences of marginalized students in social studies pedagogy and curriculum. His research has been published in journals including Critical Studies in Education, Theory & Research in Social Education, Race Ethnicity and Education, The History Teacher, The Social Studies, and Theory into Practice.

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