Episode 190: Civic Education through Southeast Asian Deportation Community Defense with Van Anh Tran

In episode 190, Dan and Michael chat with Van Anh Tran about her article published in Social Studies & the Young Learner, “We Are Here: Civic Education through Southeast Asian Deportation Community Defense.”


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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Tran, V. A. (2022). We are here: Civic education through Southeast Asian deportation community defense. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 34(3), 25-32.
  2. See Sidebar A in the article for more about Saray Im, including: Redondo, Brian, dir. Keep Saray Home. Boston, MA: Working Films, 2010. https://www.keepsarayhome.com
  3. Thi Bui, “Refugee to Detainee: How the U.S. is Deporting Those Seeking a Safe Haven,” The Nib, June 13, 2018, https://thenib.com/refugee-to-detainee-how-the-u-s-is-deporting-those-seeking-a-safe-haven/
  4. Organizations:
    1. Asian American Resource Workshop (AARW) out of Boston, Massachusetts
    2. Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)
    3. Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN)


Van Anh Tran is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University, working closely with the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET).  She can be reached at vananht@stanford.edu.

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