Episode 169: Secondary History Teachers’ Content Choices with Brian Girard & Lauren Harris

In episode 169, Dan and Michael chat with Brian Girard and Lauren Harris about their new article in Theory and Research in Social Education titled, “There’s no way we can teach all of this”: Factors that influence secondary history teachers’ content choices.

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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Girard, B., Harris, L. M., Mayger, L., Kessner, T., & Reid, S. F  (2021). “There’s no way we can teach all of this”: Factors that influence secondary history teachers’ content choices. Theory & Research in Social Education, 49(2), 227-261. https://doi.org/10.1080/00933104.2020.1855280
  2. Harris, L. M., & Girard, B. (2014). Instructional significance for teaching history: A preliminary framework. The Journal of Social Studies Research, 38(4), 215-225.
  3. Harris, L. M., & Girard, B. (2020). Evaluating the support of teacher choice in state history standards. The History Teacher, 53(4), 613-633.
  4. Here is the article with the card sort, which is in the appendix!: Harris, L. M. (2017). Six Degrees of the Mongol Empire: Using Thought Experiments to Prepare World History Teachers. The History Teacher, 50(3), 381-401.


Brian Girard is the department chair of the Educational Administration and Secondary Education School of Education at the College of New Jersey. His areas of expertise include history teaching & learning, classroom communities, and social contexts of education. You can find more on his TCNJ page: https://ease.tcnj.edu/department-info/faculty-profiles/brian-girard/.

Lauren McArthur Harris is an Associate Professor of History Education at Arizona State University. Her work focuses on representations of history in curricular resources and investigates how teachers teach history in schools. She is a former ninth grade world history teacher in Arlington, VA. She has published in journals such as Cognition and Instruction, Theory and Research in Social Education, and the Journal of Curriculum Studies. Dr. Harris is an associate editor for the journal Education Policy Analysis Archives. She is co-editor with Scott Metzger of the Wiley International Handbook of History Teaching and Learning (2018) and is currently co-editing the book Teaching Difficult Histories: Pictures of Practice (under contract with Teachers College Press). You can find all of Dr. Harris’s scholarship on her ASU faculty page.


We would like to thank Zack Seitz of Wylie High School (TX) and the University of North Texas for his editing skills. 

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