Episode 168: Civic Inquiries for Social Justice with Steven Camicia and Ryan Knowles

In episode 168, Dan and Michael chat with Steven Camicia and Ryan Knowles about their new, award-winning book titled, “Education for Democracy: A Renewed Approach to Civic Inquiries for Social Justice.”

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Their Book and Website

  1. Camicia, S., & Knowles, R. (2021). Education for democracy: A renewed approach to civic inquiries for social justice. Information Age Press.
  2. Their book won the 2021 AESA Critics’ Choice Book award: http://www.educationalstudies.org/critics-choice-book-awards.php
  3. Find more on their book website: https://educationfordemocracy.com/


Steven Camicia is a professor of foundations and social studies education at Utah State University. His research focuses on curriculum and instruction in the areas of perspective consciousness and social justice as they relate to critical democratic education. He was awarded the American Educational Studies Association 2017 Critics’ Choice Book Award for his book entitled, “Critical Democratic Education and LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum: Opportunities and Constraints.” He was formerly an elementary school teacher. You can find more on his website: http://www.stevencamicia.org/.

Ryan Knowles is an associate professor of social studies education and cultural studies within the school of teacher education and leadership at Utah State University. Ryan’s research uses quantitative research methods to understand how teacher and student ideology develops and manifest within schools and classrooms. He received his Ph.D. in Social Studies Education and Quantitative Research from the University of Missouri. Prior to that Ryan received a Master’s of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Social Studies Education, both from the University of Missouri. You can find more: https://teal.usu.edu/directory/knowles-ryan.

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