Episode 163: The making of global Black anti-citizen/citizenship with Chris Busey & Tianna Dowie-Chin

In episode 163, Dan and Michael chat with Chris Busey & Tianna Dowie-Chin about their new article in Theory & Research in Social Education (TRSE) titled, “The making of global Black anti-citizen/citizenship: Situating BlackCrit in global citizenship research and theory?”


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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Busey, C. L., & Dowie-Chin, T. (2021). The making of global Black anti-citizen/citizenship: Situating BlackCrit in global citizenship research and theory. Theory & Research in Social Education, 1-23.
  2. Episode 79: Black Critical Patriotism in Elementary Social Studies with Chris Busey & Irenea Walker.
  3. Make sure to subscribe to Tianna’s Black & Intellectualish podcast: https://linktr.ee/blackintellectualish
  4. Silver Winter scholarship link/s
  5. Dumas, M. J., & Ross, K. M. (2016). “Be real black for me” imagining BlackCrit in education. Urban Education, 51(4), 415-442.
  6. Episode 130: Elementary Black Males and “Maybe Citizens” with Marcus Johnson
  7. Episode 69: The Complexity of Citizenship for Black Women Social Studies Teachers with Amanda E. Vickery


Dr. Christopher L. Busey is an assistant professor in the Teachers, Schools and Society program at the University of Florida where he primarily teaches graduate courses for the Critical Studies in Race, Ethnicity and Culture concentration. He is also affiliate faculty for the African American Studies program and Center for Latin American Studies where he coordinates the Education in the Americas master’s specialization. Dr. Busey’s transdisciplinary research broadly examines Black education across the Americas with a specific focus on hemispheric civic and citizenship formations. Dr. Busey has published over fifteen scholarly articles and book chapters related to teaching and learning Black global histories, Black critical theory in education, and Afro-Latinxs in education.

 See more on his faculty page at UF.

Tianna Dowie-Chin is a former secondary school teacher from Ontario, Canada, is a Ph.D. candidate  in Teachers, Schools and Society (TSS). She has developed a  research agenda that broadly examines 1) Black feminist thought and education, 2) fostering critical race approaches to teacher education, and 3) challenging global anti-Black racism in education through race theory. Her dissertation research entitled “My Child’s First Teacher: Utilizing Black Mothers’ Counter-Narratives to Reimagine Black Schooling,” centers the epistemologies of Black mothers of children who attend low-performing schools. Through this work she seeks to reveal how these mothers use their ways of knowing to negotiate and navigate educational reform. You can find her on Twitter @Miss_TeeChin


We would like to thank Zack Seitz of Wylie High School (TX) and the University of North Texas for his editing skills.

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