Episode 162: Teacher Political Disclosure in Contentious Times with Rebecca Geller

In episode 162, Dan and Michael chat with Rebecca Geller about her new article in Theory & Research in Social Education (TRSE) titled, “Teacher political disclosure in contentious times: A ‘responsibility to speak up’ or ‘fair and balanced’?”

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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Geller, R. C. (2020). Teacher political disclosure in contentious times: A “responsibility to speak up” or “fair and balanced”? Theory & Research in Social Education, 48(2), 182-210.
  2. Geller, R. C. (2020). Teacher political disclosure in the Trump era. Annals of Social Studies Education Research for Teachers, 1(1), 37-41.
  3. Study that this dissertation follows up on: Rogers, J., Franke, M., Yun, J. E., Ishimoto, M., Diera, C., Geller, R. C., Berryman, A., & Brenes, T. (2017). Teaching and Learning in the Age of Trump: Increasing Stress and Hostility in America’s High Schools. UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and AccessEpisode 8: Teacher Political Disclosure with Wayne Journell
  4. Episode 155: Navigating Identity as Controversy with Jenni Conrad
  5. Other research Dr. Geller has authored or co-authored:
    1. Dissertation: “I Can’t Just Let Those Things Stand”: How Social Studies Teachers Make Sense of Political Disclosure, Classroom Safety, and Controversial Issues in Contentious Times
    2. Study of school district support for civic learning: Rogers, J., Hodgin, E., Kahne, J., Geller, R. C., Kwako, A., Alkam, S., & Bingener, C. (2020). Reclaiming the democratic purpose of California’s public schools. Leveraging Equity and Access in Democratic Education
    3. A historical case study: Quartz, K. H., Geller, R. C., & McQueen, S. S. (2020). A beautiful struggle: Reimagining neighborhood schools in urban communities. Teachers College Record, 122(2).


Rebecca Cooper Geller, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Secondary Social Studies Education in the College of Education at the University of Wyoming. She earned a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on Urban Schooling at the University of California, Los Angeles and her Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington. She taught in an Oakland, California public charter school for six years at both the elementary and middle school levels. She worked extensively in the development of the Mann-UCLA Community School in South L.A and with the Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access at UCLA. Her scholarship focuses on critical social studies and civic education, research-practice partnerships, and supporting teachers to build classrooms that are democratic and humanizing for marginalized youth. Her work has been published in Teachers College Record and Theory & Research in Social Education. You can learn more at her website: https://www.rebeccacgeller.com/ or reach out to her on Twitter @ms_cocopuffs_.


We would like to thank Zack Seitz of Wylie High School (TX) and the University of North Texas for his editing skills. 

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