Episode 118: Elementary Social Studies Education Summit Review

In episode 118, Dan talks with planners and presenters at the first annual Elementary Social Studies Education Summit (ESSES) that took place in Wilmington, North Carolina on June 6th and 7th, 2019.

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Episode 118- Elementary Social Studies Education Summit

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Check out the ESSES website for more on sessions, participants, and more: https://esses19.wordpress.com/
    1. Guests include (in order): the planners, Sohyun An, Sarah Shear, Noreen Naseem Rodriguez, Sara Demoiny, Rebecca Christ, Noreen Naseem Rodriguez (again!), Shanedra Nowell and Chris Fisher, Noreen and Sarah talking about the new journal, and finally Noreen’s keynote to finish!
    2. Here are the keynote and pre-summit speakers: https://esses19.wordpress.com/keynote-speakers/
    3. Here are resources from presenters at #ESSES19
  2. Here’s the website for the new journal introduced at the conference, The Critical Social Educator: https://www.iastatedigitalpress.com/tcse/
  3. Big thanks to the ESSES organizers: Lisa Brown Buchanan of University of North Carolina-Wilmington, Elizabeth Bellows of Appalachian State University, Elizabeth Saylor of the University of Georgia, Sarah B. Shear of the University of Washington Bothell, and Christina Tschida of East Carolina University! And here’s the 2018 book they edited: (Re)imagining elementary social studies: A controversial issues reader.
  4. Here’s a selection of previous elementary social studies episodes and episodes with ESSES participants:
    1. Episode 64: Elementary Social Studies with Anne-Lise Halvorsen
    2. Episode 76: Teaching Asian-American Histories with Noreen Naseem Rodriguez
    3. Episode 79: Black Critical Patriotism in Elementary Social Studies with Chris Busey & Irenea Walker
    4. Episode 84: Inquiry in Elementary Education with Emma Thacker, Erin Casey, Katie Knapp, & Carly Muetterties
    5. Episode 95: Affirming Indigenous Sovereignty with Sarah Shear, Leilani Sabzalian, & Lisa Brown Buchanan
    6. Episode 112: Welcoming Diverse Families in the Elementary Classroom with Selena Van Horn & Andrea Hawkman
    7. Episode 116: Indigenous Counterstories on an Elementary Field Trip with Harper Keenan
  5. While you can listen to former guest Dr. Noreen Naseem Rodriguez’s full keynote at the end of this episode, you can also listen and watch here:


The inaugural elementary social studies education summit, hosted by the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, will bring researchers and teacher educators together in two days of collaborative learning! Use the navigation links above to access information about the call for proposals, featured speakers, and more! You can follow them on Twitter at @esses2019.

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