Episode 117: Media Literacy through Media Ecology with Lance Mason

In Episode 117, Michael and Dan talk with Dr. Lance Mason about how educators might teach media literacy through media ecology.

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Episode 117Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Mason, L., & Metzger, S. A. (2012). Reconceptualizing media literacy in the social studies: A pragmatist critique of the NCSS position statement on media literacy. Theory & Research in Social Education, 40(4), 436-455.
  2. Mason, L. (2018). A Critical Metaphor Analysis of Educational Technology Research in the Social Studies. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 18(3), 538-555.
  3. You should buy this amazing book that Dan edited, Lance wrote the media chapter, and Dan also makes no money (so no hidden agenda here!): Mason, L. (2018). Media. In D. G. Krutka, A. M. Whitlock, & M. Helmsing (Eds.), Keywords in the social studies: Concepts and conversations (pp. 293-304). New York, NY: Peter Lang.
  4. Mason, L. (2016). McLuhan’s challenge to critical media literacy: The City as Classroom textbook. Curriculum Inquiry, 46(1), 79-97.
  5. Marshall McLuhan explanations:
    1. McLuhan, M. (1964). The medium is the message in: Understanding media. New York: Signet.
    2. McLuhan, M., Hutchon, K., & McLuhan, E. (1977). City as classroom: Understanding language and media. Agincourt, Ont: Book Society of Canada.
    3. And here’s Crash Course’s Media Literacy episode that explains McLuhan’s work starting at about 5 minutes.
  6. To learn more about John Dewey and the social studies, check out this past episode: Episode 70: John Dewey & Social Studies with Daniel Stuckart


Lance E. Mason is an Associate Professor of Education and Senior Mosaic Fellow at Indiana University Kokomo where he teaches courses in social studies and social foundations of education. His research examines media literacy and democratic education, and has appeared in numerous journals including Curriculum Inquiry, Theory and Research in Social Education, Education & Culture, Social Education, Dewey Studies, Journal of Media Literacy Education, and Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education. His work is informed by five years prior experience as a high school teacher in Detroit Public Schools. You can tweet him @lancemason22.


Big thank you to Sarah Galvin (Michigan State University) of the Social Media SIG of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) for editing this episode as part of our partnership!

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