Episode 22: Connections-based Learning with Leigh Cassell

In episode 22, Dan and Michael talk with Leigh Cassell about connections-based learning, including global videoconferencing with students.


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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Here is Leigh’s blog post about videoconferencing with 16 different countries!: http://digitalhumanlibrary.com/video-conferencing-with-kids-in-kenya-africa/
  2. “The Digital Human Library (dHL) is a nonprofit organization that connects Canadian teachers and students with hundreds of organizations and experts around the world who are delivering interactive curriculum-based opportunities for learning using technology – for free!”: DigitalHumanLibrary.com
  3. While dHL is obviously the best one, other services for connecting with other educators we mentioned on the episode include ePals, Skype for Education, Two Way Interactive Connections in Education, (TWICE), and Center for Interactive Learning (CILC).


Leigh Cassell is a technology coach, primary and intermediate grade teacher, and the founder of DigitalHumanLibrary.com. You can learn more about her and other dHL board members HERE and you can tweet at her @LeighCassell or @dHL_edu.


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