Episode 23: The Education Research/Teacher Divide with Paul MacLellan

In episode 23, Michael and Dan discuss the divide between educational research and practitioners and ways to bring the two together with guest Paul MacLellan. Former guest Jeremy Stoddard also joins the conversation.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. MacLellan, Paul. “Why don’t teachers use education research in teaching?” Web blog post. Education in Chemistry. 9 August 2016.
    1. This is the article that inspired the discussion. Read it!
  2. Here’s Michael and my paper we discussed at the beginning: Krutka, D. G. & Milton, M. K. (2013). The Enlightenment meets Twitter: Using social media in the social studies classroom. Ohio Social Studies Review, 50(2), 22-29.
  3. Episode 12: Using Film Effectively with Jeremy Stoddard
    1. Jeremy was a past guest, check out his episode!
  4. Episode 2: Student Dialogue During the Research Process
    1. This is an action of teacher research that Michael discussed in episode 2.


Paul MacLellan (@insidecircles) is the Deputy Editor of Education in Chemistry, a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Check out their website at www.rsc.org/eic.

Jeremy Stoddard is an Associate Professor of Education and Associated faculty in the  film and media studies program at the College of William & Mary. You can follow Jeremy on Twitter @Jeremy_Stoddard, find more of his research on his ResearchGate or his sites listed above, and learn more about his work on his William & Mary site.


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