Episode 172: Young People’s Engagement with News through Social Media with Ellen Middaugh, Kristen Huey, Kristina Smith, & George Franco

In episode 172, Dan and Michael chat with Ellen Middaugh, Kristen Huey, Kristina Smith, & George Franco about their research into young people’s engagement with news through social media. 


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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Middaugh, E., Bell, S., & Kornbluh, M. (2022). Think before you share: building a civic media literacy framework for everyday contexts. Information and Learning Sciences (ahead-of-print).
  2. Clark, L. S., & Marchi, R. (2017). Young people and the future of news: Social media and the rise of connective journalism. Cambridge University Press.
  3. The Clarion Project: Civic Literacy, Action & Reasoning, in Online Networks (San José State University, Connie L. Lurie College of Education)
  4. Jackson, B., & Jamieson, K. H. (2007). unSpun: Finding facts in a world of disinformation. Random House.
  5. Journell, W. (Ed.). (2019). Unpacking fake news: An educator’s guide to navigating the media with students. Teachers College Press.


Ellen Middaugh, Ph.D. is an Associate Prof. of Child and Adolescent Development at San Jose State University. Her research focuses on youth civic engagement and how young people engage with civic issues using the internet and social media. This includes research with youth themselves and also work with HS and College teachers to take these lessons into the classroom.  You can find her at @emiddaugh on Twitter.

Kristen Huey received her BA in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University. She is working toward becoming a child psychologist and is currently working for Piedmont Unified School District as a health clerk and will soon be working with children on the autism spectrum in their homes as a BCBA-licensed behavioral analyst. As a research assistant on Dr. Middaugh’s project, she conducted interviews while also analyzing and transcribing each interview. 

Kristina Smith received her BA in psychology and child development. My research interests include understanding and supporting children and at-risk youth who have had adverse childhood experiences. She is currently gaining more research experience in order to apply to a clinical psychology Ph.D. program. As a research assistant on this project, she conducted  interviews and analyzed data 

George Franco received his BA in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University. His career goals are to work with younger children as a LPCC. He is currently working on getting his masters degree at San Diego State University. As a research assistant on this project he conducted interviews and analyzed data through SPSS.

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