Episode 165: Hard Questions: Learning to Teach Controversial Issues with Judy Pace

In episode 165, Dan and Michael chat with friend of the pod Judy Pace about her new book titled, “Hard Questions: Learning to Teach Controversial Issues.”

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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Pace, J. (2021). Hard questions: Learning to teach controversial issues. Rowman & Littlefield. Discount Code: RLFANDF30
  2. Find all of Dr. Pace’s books here
  3. Pace, J. L. (2019). Contained risk-taking: Preparing preservice teachers to teach controversial issues in three countries. Theory & Research in Social Education, 47(2), 228-260.
  4. Pace, J. L. (2017/18). Preparing teachers in a divided society: Lessons from Northern Ireland. Phi Delta Kappan, 99(4), 26-32.
  5. Episode 123: Contained Risk-Taking When Teaching Controversial Issues with Judy Pace
  6. https://naeducation.org/civic-reasoning-and-discourse/
  7. Listen to this episode of EdSource with Pedro Noguera and Judy Pace, “Teaching controversial issues in a time of turmoil,” May 21, 2021.
  8. Find more on Dr. Pace’s website: https://teachingcontroversies.com/


Dr. Judith L. Pace is a teacher education professor in the School of Education at the University of San Francisco. She uses project-based learning, case studies, and elements of practice-based teaching in courses such as Learning and Teaching, Curriculum Currents and Controversies, Curriculum Development and Design, and Teaching Controversies. Dr.  Pace does qualitative research on classroom teaching and its sociocultural, political, and institutional dynamics. Past research projects have focused on classroom authority relationships and academic engagement, unequal learning opportunities across U.S. government classes, and social studies under high stakes accountability. Her current project examines how teacher educators prepare preservice teachers for teaching controversial issues in divided societies and politically turbulent times. This research has led to professional development activities both internationally and in the U.S. Professor Pace earned her doctorate of education from Harvard University where she worked on school reform efforts at Project Zero. See full biography at the University of San Francisco site. You can email her at pace@usfca.edu.


Dr. Pace’s research and this podcast were supported by the Spencer Foundation.

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