Episode 128: An Anticolonial Approach to Civic Education with Leilani Sabzalian

In Episode 128, Dan and Michael chat with Leilani Sabzalian about her new book “Indigenous Children’s Survivance in Public Schools” and her TRSE article, “ The tensions between Indigenous sovereignty and multicultural citizenship education: Toward an anticolonial approach to civic education.”

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Episode 128

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Sabzalian, L. (2019). The tensions between Indigenous sovereignty and multicultural citizenship education: Toward an anticolonial approach to civic education. Theory & Research in Social Education, 47(3), 311-346.
    1. Here’s those 6 Indigenous p’s that can help orient your lessons: place, presence, perspectives, political nationhood, power, and partnerships.
  2. Sabzalian, L. (2019). Indigenous children’s survivance in public schools. Routledge.
  3. Previous Indigenous episodes:
    1. Episode 15: Indigenous (Mis)Representations in U.S. History with Sarah Shear
    2. Episode 67: American Indians in Children’s Literature with Debbie Reese
    3. Episode 95: Affirming Indigenous Sovereignty with Sarah Shear, Leilani Sabzalian, & Lisa Brown Buchanan
    4. Episode 116: Indigenous Counterstories on an Elementary Field Trip with Harper Keenan
  4.  State of Indian Nations, a speech delivered by the President of the National Council for American Indians (NCAI), the same week as the State of the Union, that shares the positive and future-oriented vision of tribal nations.
  5. Embassy of Tribal Nations (located in Washington, DC)
  6. Tribal Nations and the United States: An Introduction a primer on tribal nations published by NCAI
  7. Center for Native American Youth (CNAY): Champions for Change: Examples of Native youth who inspire one another to make a positive impact in their communities
  8. CNAY State of Native Youth Reports, which offer multiple examples of Native youth’s civic action


Leilani Sabzalian, Ph.D. (Alutiiq) is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies in Education and the Co-Director of the Sapsik’wałá Teacher Education Program at the University of Oregon. Her research focuses on creating spaces to support Indigenous students and Indigenous self-determination in public schools, and preparing teachers to challenge colonialism in curriculum, policy, and practice. Learn more about Dr. Sabzalian at https://education.uoregon.edu/users/leilani-sabzalian and @leilanisabz on Twitter.

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