Episode 122: Parkland Student Activism and Political Emotion with Kathleen Knight Abowitz & Dan Mamlok

In Episode 122, Dan and Michael offer condolences to the recent victims of mass shootings and talk with Kathleen Knight Abowitz and Dan Mamlok about their new article published in Theory & Research in Social Education, “The case of #NeverAgainMSD: When proceduralist civics becomes public work by way of political emotion.”

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Episode 122

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Knight Abowitz, K., & Mamlok, D. (2019). The case of #NeverAgainMSD: When proceduralist civics becomes public work by way of political emotion. Theory & Research in Social Education, 47(2), 155-175.
  2. Please read, A Response to Mass Shootings from NCSS, which Kathleen Knight Abowitz, Dan Mamlok, and our own Dan Krutka helped write alongside the CUFA and NCSS boards.
  3. Check out our previous episode on Dewey!: Episode 70: John Dewey & Social Studies with Daniel Stuckart


Kathleen Knight Abowitz is a professor of philosophy and social foundations of education in the Department of Educational Leadership in the College of Education, Health, and Society at Miami University of Ohio. Prior to coming to Miami, I helped create a service-learning program with students at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksberg, Virginia (my home state!).  My research areas include democratic education, governance, and leadership issues in P-16 education. My work appears in leading peer-reviewed national and international journals such as Review of Educational Research, American Educational Research Journal, Teachers College Record, Journal of Teacher Education, Educational Policy, Phi Delta Kappan, and Educational Theory. You can download some of my published work here. I participate in public school activism, as a citizen of Ohio, through the Ohio Public School Advocacy Network.

Dan Mamlok is a Horizon Postdoctoral Fellow under the aegis of Concordia’s Early Childhood and Elementary Education program, the UNESCO Co-Chair in the Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism, and the federally funded SOMEONE Project. He holds a PhD in Educational Leadership, Culture, and Curriculum from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His dissertation, Digital Technology and Education in the Age of Globalization, explored social and cultural aspects of integrating technology and education, and specifically dealt with questions regarding democracy, education, and citizenship. His research at Concordia University elaborates on some of the themes discussed in his dissertation, and specifically examines the influences of digitized play worlds on young children and the ways in which they forge their identity, with the aim of developing resilience against hate speech. Beyond his interests in educational technologies and sociocultural studies in education, his research interests include philosophy of education, democracy and education, and aesthetic education.

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