Episode 121: Teaching Hamilton with Delandrea Hall

In Episode 121, Dan and Michael talk with Delandrea Hall about Hamilton: An American Musical and discuss considerations and ways to use aspects of it in the classroom! Collectively, they have seen the show 8 times!

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Episode 121- Teaching Hamilton

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging America’s Past (2018) edited by Renee C. Romano & Claire Bond Potter
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam (2009)
  3. A Visit From Kendrick Lamar — Best Day Of School Ever? from NPR
  4. Hamilton: Lin-Manuel Miranda On The Play’s Historical Inaccuracies
  5. Hamilaria 
  6. Hamilton lyrics on Genius
  7. Here’s some ideas from educators for teaching Hamilton:
    1. Teaching with “Hamilton” by Addie Matteson in School Library Journal (May 03, 2016), which includes two close-reading lessons —“Hamilessons”— focused on the songs “Farmer Refuted,” “You’ll Be Back,” and a clip from “Right Hand Man.”
    2. Michael wrote a lesson using Cabinet Battle #1 that you can find here! Hamilton Vs. Jefferson: Using Hamilton in the Classroom
      1. Here is the Google Doc with the Cabinet Battle handout 
    3. Hamilton, music, and the power of emotion to engage your learners (December 4, 2018) and Hamilton the musical: Non-traditional literacy and historical thinking both from Glenn Wiebe on his HistoryTech blog; This latter post includes a lot of links to learn more about Hamilton
    4. Pairing John Trumbull’s painting with Hamilton Mixtape track #1
  8.  Hamilton: The Revolution
  9. Hip-Hop Based Education resources:
    1. Get Free – Hip-Hop Civics Ed – http://getfreehiphopcivics.com/
    2. Hip-Hop Ed – https://hiphoped.com/; Twitter – @TheRealHipHopEd; Tuesday nights, follow #HipHopEd for discussions around Hip-Hop and education
    3. Third Root, Trill Pedagogy – https://thirdroot.bandcamp.com/
    4. Stovall, D. (2006). We can relate: Hip-hop culture, critical pedagogy, and the secondary classroom. Urban Education, 41(6), 585-602.
    5. Karvelis, N. (2018). Race, Class, Gender, and Rhymes: Hip-Hop as Critical Pedagogy. Music Educators Journal, 105(1), 46-50. (offers advise to music educators but much of what can be used in social studies)


Delandrea Hall is a doctoral student at The University of Texas at Austin in the Curriculum and Instruction, Social Studies Department. Her K–12 experience includes eleven years as a high school social studies teacher in the Dallas area. Her research interests center around examining the ways racialized and gendered experiences inform the pedagogical decisions of teachers of color, specifically Black women in social studies, with a focus on Hip-Hop Based Education and pre-college economics education. You can find her on Twitter @DelandreaHall.


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