Episode 181: Telling Untold Stories of Marginalized Groups through Comics with Steph Manuel of TrueFiktion

In episode 181, Dan and Michael chat with Steph Manuel about using comic books to tell the untold stories of marginalized groups.


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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. https://www.truefiktion.com/comics-1
    1. Jude’s War – Jude is a World War II veteran who struggles with adapting to life after the war. He realizes that the same freedoms he fought to protect are not extended to him at home. Jude’s War highlights the inequalities that Black U.S. veterans faced and their fight to hold onto their humanity.
    2. Greenwood – The story follows Justin, a young boy who spends his life grappling with the violence that ravaged his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Greenwood illustrates how a prosperous Black community relied on resilience to deal with the aftermath of destruction.
    3. Crystal’s Lesson – Crystal is a Black educator who has mixed feelings about the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Although she knows that the decision could positively impact society, she’s concerned about the career she worked so hard to build. Crystal’s Lessons explores the tensions that arose between school systems, Black teachers, and NAACP as they all navigate the unforeseen challenges of integration.
  2. Dan mentioned the one comic he’s ready, which he enjoyed very much: Black Panther: World of Wakanda by Roxane Gay


Stephane Manuel has a strong passion for using design thinking to create the next generation of products and services. His startup, TrueFiktion, is an ed-tech company that uses comics, curriculum, and courses to deliver thought-invoking, insightful, and inclusive learning experiences around the untold stories of marginalized groups. Prior to founding TrueFiktion, Stephane was a strategy consultant with expertise in change management and technology. He has six years of leadership experience in the U.S. Army, focusing on combat operations and bomb disposal. Stephane received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from West Point. He also has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and an M.S. in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University. 

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