Episode 175: Teaching amidst Terrorism with Bjorn Wansink

In episode 175, Michael and Dan chat with Bjorn Wansink about his new publication in Theory & Research in Social Education titled, “Teaching under attack: The dilemmas, goals, and practices of upper-elementary school teachers when dealing with terrorism in class.”


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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Wansink, B., de Graaf, B., & Berghuis, E. (2021). Teaching under attack: The dilemmas, goals, and practices of upper-elementary school teachers when dealing with terrorism in class. Theory & Research in Social Education, 49(4), 489-509.
  2. In this interview Bjorn Wansink talks about the attack and the lessonplans TerInfo made (you can also find the lessonplan in English) https://www.euroclio.eu/2019/03/20/discussing-terrorism-in-the-classroom-the-day-after/
  3. See for TerInfo: https://ter-info.nl/home (in Dutch)
  4. Journell, W. (2018). Terrorism. In D. G. Krutka, A. M. Whitlock, & M. Helmsing (Eds.), Keywords in the social studies: Concepts and conversations (pp. 217-229). Peter Lang.
  5. You can learn more on Dr. Wansink’s university page and Google scholar page.
  6. You can learn on co-author prof. Beatrice de Graaf on this page: https://www.uu.nl/staff/badegraaf


Bjorn Wansink is an associate professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In his work, he deals with themes such as cultural diversity, history, citizenship, critical thinking, multiperspectivity and dealing with controversial issues. 

Young people increasingly live in separate worlds. As a result, they often no longer understand each other. This can lead to friction and conflict and a growing social and cultural gap, including in education.

In the HUB ‘Change your perspective’, Wansink investigates psychological and cognitive processes in young people at school when it comes to the formation of facts, opinions and perspectives. He also investigates the effect of this on their worldview, their attitude and behavior and their interaction with others. In doing so, he creates opportunities for young people to change their perspective. An important precondition for closing the gap.

Wansink is a member of the core team of TerInfo, an initiative of professor Beatrice de Graaf, which teaches about terrorism and political violence in schools. In addition, he regularly acts as an advisor for organizations such as the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the Radicalisation Awareness Network. Wansink is also a trainer for the European Association of History Educators in countries where political transformation goes hand in hand with inter-ethnic and inter-religious tensions such as South Korea and Lebanon.

Wansink studied history, obtained his PhD in social sciences and previously worked in secondary education as a teacher of history and social studies. In the field of education in Utrecht, he is involved in the courses Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion in Education and Youth, Education and Society.

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