Episode 143: Advocacy for Social Studies with Tina Heafner

In Episode 143, Dan and Michael chat with NCSS President Tina Heafner about agency, advocacy, and activism for the social studies.

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Episode 143

Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

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Tina L. Heafner, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Middle, Secondary, and K-12 Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her administrative responsibilities include Directing the M.Ed. in Secondary Education and the Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. Tina is the 2019-2020 President of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and was the 2015-2016 Chair of the NCSS College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA). Tina’s teaching and research focus on effective practices in social studies with particular emphasis in disciplinary literacy, online learning, technological integration. Her research also examines curriculum and policy issues in social studies education.  She has devoted almost two decades to empirically documenting the marginalization of social studies in American schools and the association between instructional practices and student learning outcomes in K-12 social studies.  Tina’s publications include seven co-authored books and six edited books including titles such as Beginning inquiry: Short texts for inexperienced readers in U.S. History, Seeds of inquiry: Using short texts to enhance students’ understanding of world history, Strategic Reading in US History, Handbook of research on emerging practice and methods for K-12 online and blended learning, and Exploring the Effectiveness of Online Education in K-12 Environments. She is an author of the NCSS National Standards for the Preparation of Social Studies Teachers and has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals. Tina has received four research awards from the American Education Research Association for her contributions to the fields of social studies and online learning, two research awards from the NCSS College and University Faculty Assembly and the Society for Information Technology and Education (SITE), and four awards in teaching, research and service at UNC Charlotte. When not reading and writing about social studies, you can find Tina running with her two Labradors Retrievers, Razzle Dazzle and Cinnamon, or cheering on her children, Laney and John Patrick, in soccer, basketball, and track. You can find Dr. Heafner on Twitter @theafner, on FaceBook as Tina Heafner, on Instagram as tlheafner, and via email at theafner@ncss.org or Tina.Heafner@uncc.edu.


We would like to thank Zack Seitz of Wylie High School (TX) and the University of North Texas for his editing skills.

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