Episode 94: Keywords in the Social Studies with Dan Krutka, Annie Whitlock, & Mark Helmsing

In this episode, Michael chats with Dan Krutka (what’s Dan doing over here?), Annie Whitlock, & Mark Helmsing about the social studies curriculum and their new book, Keywords in the social studies: Concepts and Conversations.  

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Books, Articles and Other Amazing Resources

  1. Krutka, D. G., Whitlock, A. M., & Helmsing, M., (Eds) (2018). Keywords in the social studies: Concepts and conversations. New York, NY: Peter Lang. Order at Peter Lang or Amazon.


Dan Krutka hosts a podcast called Visions of Education. You might have heard.

Annie McMahon Whitlock is Associate Professor of Elementary Education at University of Michigan-Flint. In addition to teaching courses in elementary social studies methods and integrated curriculum, she is the coordinator of the Elementary Education Program. Her research is centered on teaching social studies through civic engagement, place-based inquiry, and integrating language arts and literature. She has previously served as the President of the Michigan Council for the Social Studies. Find her on Twitter (@AnnieWhitlock) and Instagram (@flintstagram18).

Mark Helmsing is Assistant Professor of History and Social Studies Education in the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University where he teaches in the Secondary Education (SEED) M.Ed. program, the Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning (ASTL) M.Ed. program, and the Teaching and Teacher Education (TATE) Ph.D. program. Dr. Helmsing is also affiliated with Mason’s Center for International Education (CIE). He studies how history education in schools, museums, and mass media educate people in affectively and emotionally moving ways. His work aims to help educators consider the elusive glimmers, flashes, feelings, and resonances we have when we encounter the past in our classrooms, popular culture, and public spaces. Find him on Twitter (@markhelmsing).

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