Episode 58: Learning History Outside the Classroom with Lisa Gilbert

In episode 58, Michael & Dan chat with Lisa Gilbert about her Theory & Research in Social Studies media review of Assassins Creed, her background in Museum Studies, and finding history outside the classroom!

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. TRSE PUB UPDATE (01/31/18): Gilbert, L. (2019). “Assassin’s Creed reminds us that history is human experience”: Students’ senses of empathy while playing a narrative video game. Theory & Research in Social Education. Advanced Online Publication.
  2. Gilbert, L. (2017). “The Past is Your Playground”: The Challenges and Possibilities of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate for Social Education. Theory & Research in Social Education, 45(1), 145 – 155.
  3. Gilbert, L. (2015). Can we control what students learn on museum visits [Blog Post]. Retrieved from museumquestions.com/2015/04/06/can-we-control-what-students-learn-on-museum-visits/.
  4. Gilbert, L. (2015). Help students make the most of their visit to the museum. nche.net/pages/history-matters/may-2014-gilbert
  5. Gilbert, L. (2016). Valuing Critical Inquiry Skills in Museum Literacy. Social Studies Research and Practice, 11(3), 51 – 66 http://www.socstrpr.org/?page_id=3424
  6. Gilbert, L. (2016). “Loving, Knowing Ignorance”: A Problem for the Educational Mission of Museums. Curator, 59: 125–140. doi:10.1111/cura.12153.


Lisa Gilbert recently earned her Ph.D. in Education from Saint Louis University.  Her research focus is on the relevance of public history for social studies education. This fall, she’ll be starting as an Instructor of Social Studies at Thomas Jefferson School. You can follow her on Twitter at @GilbertLisaK and you can see how she live-tweets museums by checking out her Twitter Moments!

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