Episode 49: Flipped Classrooms with Elizabeth Miller

In episode 49, Dan and Michael chat flipped classrooms with Massachusetts teacher Elizabeth Miller.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. Elizabeth wrote THE book on flipping classrooms. It’s called, Flipping History: How to Start Flipping Your Classroom Today (2016). Buy it, read it, flip like a pro.
  2. Visit her site for updates, consulting information, and more at PennyUniversityPress.com.
  3. You can find her old blogs on flipping at FlippingHistory.blogspot.com.
  4. Also, Elizabeth recommends tweeting with #flipclass on Twitter.
  5. You can find more recommended resources from Elizabeth on her Google doc.


Elizabeth Miller is a high school history teacher in Massachusetts. You can find her work on PennyUniversityPress.com and tweet with her @EMHistory.

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