Episode 44: Answering Teacher Candidate Questions

In episode 44, our panel of educators answer the questions of teacher candidates from Betsy Barrow’s class at the University of North Carolina.

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Books, articles, lessons, and other amazing resources

  1. For this episode, we will add tweets to our shownotes that use the hashtag #MyAdviceForNewTeachers:

  1. Per the Betsy DeVos question, this Education Week article titled, “What Could Betsy DeVos Really Get Done as Education Secretary?” might be of use.
Chris Hitchcock (@CHitch94) is an award-winning  world history teacher at an online school in Indiana, a #sschat co-moderator of #sschat , and our episode 33 guest on Teaching in Virtual Environments. Destiny Warrior (@destinylwarrior) is a classroom teacher in Mid-Del schools, an adjunct instructor at the University of Oklahoma, and our episode 16 guest on Mentoring for Retention. And Betsy Barrow (@betsybarrow) is a former high school teacher, doctoral candidate, and UNC instructor.

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